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Who We Are

We are registered proudly Canadian Professional Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer, Plan administrator and experienced Trainer with more than 13 years of experience in accounting and finance field with various industries and organization. We have a huge knowledge of working with many accounting software including QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Xero and Tally ERP.Our excel base programed help to make work easy and error free. We also had training experience for MS office starting basic through advanced as we have trained many employees of corporate offices as well as individual. For a small and medium size business this can be a creative way to fulfil accounting responsibilities without having an onsite bookkeeper in their home, dealing with a small office space or having to pay insurances & other payroll related costs. A Nia Accounting can do as little or as much as your business requires so the business owner can be as involved as they feel necessary in the partnership.

We know exactly how important it is to select a good bookkeeper and benefits plan for your business. We are constantly fixing bad entries and going back in people’s books to correct accounting and bookkeeping issues caused by someone who was not experienced enough or qualified to do it correctly. We have been doing bookkeeping and benefits work many years for small and medium size businesses.

At Every Entry, we offer accurate, reliable, and timely bookkeeping at an affordable price. Our competitive, tiered pricing ensures our online bookkeeping services are available for any size of business. Nia Accounting & Employees Benefits services offers full service monthly/Bi-weekly bookkeeping for small and medium size businesses. We understand that running a business comes with endless responsibilities that require constant attention; our aim is to help you manage your financial responsibilities, so you can focus on all other daily tasks. Our monthly/bi-weekly bookkeeping service provides you with the benefit of a full-time bookkeeper without the cost!  Our fully qualified bookkeepers have over 13 years of experience working with small and medium size businesses and charities, and we provide a quality, stress free and efficient service so that our clients may spend time focusing on what they do best, which is growing their business.

We pride ourselves in our relationships with clients. Our tailored services help our clients to grow their business, and our core business philosophy is founded on the belief that our growth is based on the growth of our clients. Our services are personalised to your individual needs. We are quick, efficient and accurate taking care of your accounts, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Our love for working with small and medium size businesses to provide valuable information that helps you grow your business.  We don’t just plug numbers into slots; we will take the time to learn about your business, and you, so that we can provide helpful insights and information. So, hurry up and get 15% off on our price regular as a new client!!!

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